Counselling for adults, young people and children in New Ash Green

April Clarkley

Counselling for Adults, Young People and Children
Available at Maidstone, Kent.

I offer counselling sessions to children and teenagers in Maidstone.

Counselling can help  young people who have experienced or suffer from:

  • Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Family breakup
  • Bereavement
  • Illness and loss
  • Attachment issues
  • Anger
  • Parental addiction
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse

This is not an exhaustive list. Please get in touch to see if I can be of help to your child or teenager.

​Telephone: 07894 858677


How does counselling work?

In counselling sessions I aim to provide a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment in which your child can explore, understand and work through problems and difficult emotions.

Counselling can enable your child to express difficult feelings and learn how to find their own way of managing these.

As some children may find it difficult to talk about their feelings, so I also offer a range of art materials, sand trays, toys and puppets. These help the child express their feelings creatively and in a way they understand.

My qualifications and experience can be found here.

How often are sessions?

These sessions last between 30 to 50 minutes (depending on the child’s age), and are normally are at the same day and time every week. Your child would usually start with 6 sessions.

How am I as a parent or carer involved?

​I work closely with parents and carers, and will ensure that we meet before the therapy begins. This meeting allows me to collect information about the child and for the therapy process to be explained to you. It also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

Once we have met the counselling sessions can begin. Anything a child shares with me is kept confidential, and I explain this to the child at the start. The child is also made aware that they are free to talk outside about their sessions as they see fit.

I will arrange follow up meetings with parents and carers to review how the counselling is going. During this time I also offer support and strategies to child and parent when appropriate.  

Young people aged 16-18 years old do not usually require parental consent or meetings. In the case of it being necessary, these would only be carried out with the agreement of the young person.


Children (upto 16 years old):
£50 Initial parent/carer meeting (50 minutes)
£50 Counselling session (30-50 minutes)

Young people (16-18 years old):
£50 Counselling session (50 minutes)


Child Counselling in New Ash Green
Child Counselling in New Ash Green
Teenage Counselling in New Ash Green